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What Will You Leave Behind?, installation, 2012, unglazed porcelain skulls, 4.5 x 45.5 feet/1.4 x 14 meters

Emerging artist Nino Sarabutra studied Ceramic Arts at Silpakorn University in Bangkok. For her most recent project, What Will You Leave Behind?, Sarabutra created one-hundred-thousand palm-sized porcelain skulls. The artist asked friends, family, neighbors, students and colleagues to help create the skulls and while making them contemplate their lives and think about what they would leave behind. Visitors are invited to remove their shoes and walk across this carpet of skulls while meditating on the fragility of life and inevitability of death.


The artist has created a web site in which she invites visitors to submit text and images of what they would like to leave behind and see what other participants have shared: visit


Nino Suwannee Sarabutra has exhibited at Dao Art Space, Xi’an and the Fule International Ceramic Art Museums, Weinan, Shaanxi Province, China; MEINBLAU project room, Berlin; Creative House Bangkok, the ARDEL’s Third Place Gallery, and the Rotunda Gallery in the Neilson Hays Library, Bangkok; ENJOY-Studio 5, Phuket, Thailand; The Art Academy, London, (where she also held lectures as the ceramics-artist-in-residence) and the Quay Art Centre, Isle of Wight.


Born 1970 in Ubonratchathani, Thailand | Lives and works in Bangkok

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